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Event Info

Refresh will release the Convention schedule one week prior to the event. Once you arrive at the event, you will be able to pick up your Studio’s registration packet from the Refresh Registration Desk. This packet includes your dancers’ scholarship numbers and any pre-registered Observer bands.

Registration times may vary from city to city. Please check the schedule posted on your city page to see what time registration begins on Friday (if applicable) in your city. As we understand that teachers and students may not arrive at the same time on Friday, dancers will not be required to wear their scholarship numbers or wristbands until Saturday morning.

Registered teachers are allowed access to all Workshop rooms.


5-15 dancers 1 Teacher/Studio Owner Free
16-30 dancers 2 Teachers/Studio Owners Free
31-45 dancers 3 Teachers/Studio Owners Free
46+ dancers 4 Teachers/Studio Owners Free

*When calculating the total number of dancers, do not include scholarship recipients or observers.

Refresh Dance Convention

P.O. Box 13347, Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Phone: 513-844-6788