About Kenzie Busing

Kenzie is 10 years old and is a Junior Company dancer at Dance Designs Dance Complex in Prospect, Ky. Kenzie took her first dance class at the age of three and has not stopped dancing since! She has danced competitively since the age of five. Kenzie trains in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, Hiphop, acro, and tumbling. While she loves all styles of dance, she most enjoys jazz and contemporary. She also enjoys taking online classes for flexibility and strength with Dani Scaggs and Missy Moffitt. Her favorite thing about dance is that she can be whoever she wants to be when performing!

Kenzie has won many 1st place awards and titles at various competitions, as well as many top overall placements. She has received numerous scholarships and accolades at various competitions and conventions, as well. Kenzie’s favorite award that she has received has been the Refresh Squad scholarship and she is so excited to assist and learn from the amazing faculty this coming season! While she loves competitions, dance conventions have her heart! She loves being able to learn from so many different amazing dancers while meeting new friends!

Kenzie aspires to dance professionally and to own a dance studio one day with her best friend Ellie. When she is not dancing, Kenzie loves to play outside with her friends, swim, roller skate, and spend time with her family and pets. She has two golden retrievers (Zeus and Dallas) and three cats (Jetta, Binx, and Luna)!

Kenzie is beyond excited for the 23-24 dance season and can’t wait to meet the squad!

Kenzie Busing


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